Chic Date Night Outfit Ideas

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Summer is all about date nights! Whether you’re meeting someone for the first time or following normal protocol, I’m sure you’ve stood in front of the mirror and wondered what you’re going to wear. I’ve definitely been there – and depending on what kind of date you have ahead of you, there’s something for every occasion. Scroll on for the chic date night outfit ideas that you can wear all summer long.

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First date

Deciding what to wear for your first date is sometimes the most challenging thing to figure out. From trying on various pieces to tossing rejected outfits on the bed, trying to look effortless isn’t all that effortless after all. The key to figuring out that balance between polish and chill is wearing something a little feminine while still true to your personal style so you’re comfortable. If you want to show that you’re a fashion girl at heart, then a trendy print such as leopard will do the trick. On the other hand, a stylish skirt with a fitted top is always an attractive and classy option. I love adding a cropped jacket to highlight the figure.

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black one shoulder top, leather pants, black boots //


A nice dinner date is always filled with romance and anticipation. You want to choose something elegant and sexy that makes you feel empowered. For me, this is more sensual fabrics like leather, velvet, or silk. Dresses may feel most natural for a dinner date, but a good pants and top combo can make you feel just as amazing. As for color, I’m drawn to black or white with a killer pair of heels. And as always add in your own personal flair, be it through accessories or the patterns or stylish details.

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Figuring out a good outdoor date outfit depends obviously if you’re doing an activity or simply walking through the park or lounging on a beach. You’ll likely be going out because the weather is nice and sunny, so dressing casual with soft and flowy materials that can keep cool are key. I like lighter colors, neutrals, or soft florals that are feminine and look nice in natural lighting. Sandals or mules are a safe and comfortable option if you’re planning to stroll!

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Concerts are so much fun for dates, and I actually love dressing up for these because you get to show off a little more edge in what’s otherwise a bit more feminine outfit. I love a leather jacket with rock and roll details like buckles or studs over a plain tee and skinny jeans. An oversized blazer also looks nice with this if you’re going to something a little more jazzy or chill. You’ll probably be dancing a little, so pick something you’ll also be able to move around in.

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Museum or Theatre

For cultural events or outings like going to see a play or browsing an art museum, you want an outfit that embodies your sophistication and class. Structured, crop pants or an elegant dress with heels will look polished but still date-night-appropriate. I like picking one area of the body to show a little skin, be it the décolletage or legs. Ankle strap heels are always the perfect finish.

What are some of your date night outfit ideas?

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